Charichari 株式会社
Charichari, Inc.
Creating the next habit of moving around the city.
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A community-based bike share that contributes to city development through transportation.


Riding with Charichari is easy and affordable to hop on. Find bike ports all over the map. Unlock iconic red bikes and explore to get around. Enjoy your journey!

Based on the philosophy of "Creating the next habit of moving around the city" , we've started Charichari in Fukuoka, our mother city. The project has been steadily expanded to Nagoya, Tokyo, and Kumamoto, and also launched in Kurume, Kuwana, Saga from 2024.

What's Charichari, Inc. ?

The company creates new moving methods around cities.

Charichari, Inc

We aim to solve "urban issues and urban mobility issues" by creating a new vein of cities, and to enrich society through mobility.

Charichari, Inc.
SDGs Practice

Businesses that contribute to the SDGs through a comfortable mobility experience

While working on the bike sharing business, which is closely related to the SDGs, we reflect the SDGs concept in our service design, operation, and bikes.

Our business activities contribute to the SDGs by achieving efficient mobility methods using IoT technology.

We, Charichari will complement the means and needs of transportation that are not performed enough by conventional box-type transportation, and aim for industrial reform by developing sustainable transportation infrastructure as a vein of cities.

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